K-391 give you permission to use his music for use in Youtube videos.
We ask that all music used in a video will be credited in the video description using the following format:

Song by K-391, check him out here:

The music is not copyright free but you can still use and download my music for free, however, when you choose to use some of my work in a Youtube video you will receive a content claim on your video and you will be unable to monetize your content on YouTube. Therefore, if you still wan’t to monetize the content, check out the link down below. This guarantees that the original musician receives a percentage of the audio portion of the advertising earnings, and it protects K-391 from people falsely claiming the content, which has been a huge problem. I hope you will continue to use the music.

If you have any questions regarding content ID claims or anything else, don’t hesitate to contact us, or you can read more about Content ID claims.


If you want to monetize the content, it’s possible by pledging $ 5 USD on Patreon:

Please sign the form below to get access to free download and use of music:

Use of Music

Songs without any claim:

  • Earth
  • Dream Of Something Sweet
  • Everybody (Original Mix)
  • Everybody (Radio Version)